Energica's Electric Motorcycle Races The Best Of The Best

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Energica continue to bring attention to their cutting edge electric motorcycle line. The latest, just how quick off the mark Energica’s electric motorcycles are is seen in a recently released YouTube video.

Facts and figures are just numbers on a page or computer screen. However, put your electric motorcycle against some of the fastest performance vehicles available and attentions are captured.

The video is stunning and when viewers are reminded Energica are using the standard Ego model ridden off the show room floor, a layer of ‘wow’ is added.

The Energica Ego races against the WSBK Kawasaki ZX10r racebike from Team Pedercini Racing and the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570 Super Trofeo. Not to ruin the ending, its fair to say Energica are free to drop the proverbial microphone and walk off stage.

If readers want to know more about Energica and its motorcycles, Clutch and Chrome have covered the unique Italian motorcycle manufacturer with the articles below and on our podcast ‘Another Motorcycle Podcast’.

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